BCS Tillers Review

BSC tillers are often considered the best roto tillers on the market.  They have long been known for their durability and overall performance.  BCS rototillers are more expensive then some other brands such as Mantis, but with the higher price tag comes better performance in tough jobs.

BSC garden tillers have no belts which allows them to have more power. They have a power reverse feature which comes in handy when trying to cultivate tight spots.  All BCS tiller models have a 290 rpm tine speed which is 50% faster than other rototillers. This helps to finer, soft soil.

BCS Garden Rototillers

BCS garden tillers range in price from $1,000 to $4,000 and also offer a variety of attachments that can be purchased.  The BCS cultivators are geared towards users who will be tackling tough jobs or large jobs.  While it will till a small garden just fine, it may be more machine then you need and a higher price tag then what you are looking for.

BCS garden tiller reviews are for the most part positive.  People tend to be very happy with their purchase.  They come equipped with several different engine options from Honda, Briggs & Stratton and Kohler.

The BCS 710 tiller is the smallest and is great for home gardeners with small gardens. All BCS rear tine tillers come with variable width tilling, all gear transmission, geared reverse and adjustable handles.

Cons: Are relatively expensive compared to other tiller brands.  Some people feel that the tines move too fast and therefore pulverizes the soil.  Can be large and hard to maneuver.

BCS rototillers are a great choice for anyone looking for a long lasting, powerful cultivator.  However, BCS tillers will come with a higher price tag then some of the other garden tillers available.

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