Mantis Tillers Review

Mantis tillers are the world's best selling roto tillers.  They are known for being very lightweight and very easy to use.  Mantis garden tillers have long been a favorite of gardeners for almost 30 years.  Mantis cultivators weigh only 20 pounds and are perfect for home gardeners.

Mantis makes 2 cycle tillers and 4 cycle tillers.  All their roto tillers are powered by Honda engines. You can also get a Mantis electric tiller if you have small jobs to tackle.

Mantis Garden Tillers

All Mantis roto tillers come with their risk free 1 year in home trial.  If after a year you do not like the tiller, they will take it back and offer a full refund.  Mantis also offers free shipping .  The Mantis 2 cycle garden tiller is $349 and their 4 cycle roto tiller is $449.  Both models are very affordable and a great value.

The Mantis Garden Tillers are great for home garden tasks like breaking ground for new plants, mixing debris in compost piles, tilling soil in gardens and much more.  This cultivator is made for small home garden tasks but may not be the best option for larger jobs.

Mantis rototillers come with their patented serpentine tines that help to bust trough tough soil.  Their tines also come with a lifetime guarantee against breakage.  The tiller comes with a 2 year warranty.

Cons: Due to it's small size large jobs will take some time to complete.  Also many people do complain that the Mantis has a tough time breaking up very hard soil or rocky soil.

Mantis garden tillers are a great roto tiller choice.  They require no fuel mixing, they weigh just 20 pounds and are small enough to store almost anywhere.  All these features make Mantis Tillers our #1 choice.

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