Mini Tiller Review

Mini tillers are a great tool for gardeners.  They are easy to use, lightweight and relatively inexpensive.  But mini garden tillers are not just for cultivating, many of them will also remove crab grass and tear out weeds.  Mini roto tillers can be bought for around $300 or less.

One of the most popular models is the Mantis mini Tiller.  For about $350 you can have a great tiller that will tackle almost all of your gardening and some landscaping tasks. However, if you only plan on using your tiller once or twice a year you may be better off just renting a garden tiller.

Mini Garden Rototillers

You have two options.  You can buy an electric mini tiller or a gas mini tiller.  The electric version will give you the convenience of a push button start and less maintenance but you will lose some power.  Gas powered mini garden rototillers will offer much more power but will also come with a higher price tag, more maintenance and will be much more noisier.

These machines are great for tilling, weeding and breaking up sod.  Most mini tiller reviews are based on the job you plan on completing.  You need to determine if you will be cultivating a small garden or reseeding an entire lawn.  This will help you decide which type of mini roto tiller to buy.

Cons:  Are not a good choice for large projects such as reseeding a lawn.  Have less power then full sized tillers.  Electric mini rototillers will require an outlet and the power cord can get in the way. 

Mini garden tillers are the perfect tool for the average gardener.  They are ease to use and low in price.  However, mini rototillers are not a good choice for large projects that require more power and a larger tilling width.  Determine if you need an electric mini tiller or gas powered before you buy to make sure you get the mini tiller that is right for you.

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