Rear Tine Tillers

When it comes to choosing garden tools, rear tine tillers are one prime investment a person can make for his garden. The price of a tiller ranges from $45 to several thousand dollars, depending on the type of roto tiller, a person chooses.

Rear tine garden tillers are necessary for simplifying the work of soil preparation. This is because preparing a garden manually is an extremely strenuous work. Rear tine roto tillers enable a person to aerate soil effortlessly and loosen the soil without undergoing exhausting labor. The use of a tiller will benefit a garden of any size, but it is vital to choose one which best fits a requirement.

Rear Tine Garden Tillers

Rear tine rototillers are better for larger tasks and are the best for hard soil. With rear tine tillers, a person will be able to till soil at an unvarying depth, at the time of seedbed preparation. The wheels of this tiller, allow the machine to drive forward slowly. However, despite the forward power, the wheels hold the tiller at the same position, thus enabling the tines to dig depth sequentially until the seedbed. Normally the depth gauge fitted inside the machine box controls the tilling depth.

Rear tine garden tillers work faster and more resourcefully as compared to front tine tillers. They are much more beneficial, since the tines that are located at the rear of the machine, rotate faster. Thus, rear  tine roto tillers offer an enhanced performance with the same amount of power. Rear tines go down in the soil, tilling and cutting up the plant material deep into the ground.

The two types of rear tine tillers are:

1.   Counter Rotating Tines (CRT): These tines rotate towards the rear. The frontward pulling of the wheels combined with the counter rotation enable an individual to till the tough soil very easily. These tillers are the best for loosening hard ground.

2.   Standard Rotating Tines (SRT): These rotate in the forward direction. The wheels thus rotate in the same direction as the tines.

The basic difference between counter rotating and standard rotating rear garden tine tillers is the power with which these tillers dig the soil. While, superior counter rotating tillers till the soil by 8” in some areas and 5” in others, standard rear tillers till the soil at a constant 2” depth. However tilling more than a depth of 2” is undesirable, since it may cause the tillers to plow down more than the preferred depth. These days, rear tine tillers with reversible tine direction (from CRT to SRT) are also available, to give the benefits of both functions.

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