Small Garden Tiller

A small garden tiller is a must have tool for all gardeners.  Instead of breaking your back trying to cultivate your soil, a mini garden tiller will do it for you much quicker and with much less work.

One of the most popular models is the Mantis small garden Tiller.  It is very easy to maneuver and will get the job done quick.  They are very affordable and are one of the most highly recommended tillers on the market.

Mini Garden Tillers

Small garden tillers are great for soil that is not heavily compacted and for an area that is not that large.  If you have very hard soil then it is recommended that you rent a larger tiller and till the soil the first time.  After that a mini garden tiller will do the job just fine.

Garden tillers come in several different styles.  You can get an electric garden tiller which will be much lighter and easier to move around your garden or you can opt for a gas roto tiller.  The gas rototillers are usually heavier but you do not have to deal with a power cord.

Some of the top choices for small garden tillers are the Stihl mini tiller, TroyBuilt Tillers and the Mantis Tiller.  All are great choices and will be sure to fit your needs.  Make sure to make a list of features you want before buying your new mini garden tiller and you are sure to get one that fits all your needs.

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