Troy Built Tillers Review

Troy Built tillers are one of the more popular brands of rototillers on the market.  They are great cultivators for all jobs big and small.  Troy Built rototillers come in about 15 different models and can tackle almost any job you throw at them.

Troy Bilt tillers range in prices from around $550 for the Bronco CRT Garden Tiller all the way up to $2,800 for the Big Red Horse Garden Tiller.  Most of their tillers are rear-tine tillers except for several of the lower priced Troy Built electric tillers which retail for around $199.

Troy Built Rototillers

Troy Built garden tillers often get rave reviews from their owners.  Most owners love the self propelled wheels as it makes it much easier to move and does not take much effort.  The cast iron transmission is also a great feature of the Troy Built Rototillers.

Troy Built offers a 2 year warranty on their engines.  They have excellent tines which will lasts for years and offers great tilling depth.  They are sold at Lowes stores which speaks for their quality.

Cons: Some of the larger Troy Built rototillers can be hard to maneuver due to their size and they are also high in cost.  Some may be too big and difficult to use for small gardening tasks.  There is also some maintenance that you will to do but that is common with all gas powered tillers.  They are also not the cheapest tillers available.

Troy Built tillers are always a great choice.  Depending on the tasks you need to accomplish you want to go with a Troy Built Electric tiller.  The Troy Built rototillers are high quality and are great for tackling any job you throw at them.

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